About Us

We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of leading result oriented ISO Consultancy Organizations, which positively assists companies in obtaining all ISO Standard Certification. We take such assignments on turnkey basis, with total responsibility to Guarantee you ISO Certification. We offer our services, which are cost effective/value added/ on time bound program, thereby total commitment on our part to our esteemed clients.

QGE has highly qualified and experienced ISO Consultants, who have worked in senior most posts in both public and private sectors. QGE has on roll four full time and 10 part time (call basis) consultants.

QGE has associate office at Jind, Jalandhar, Faridabad, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Auranagabd, Planning for offices at Banglore , Pune & Chennai.

QGE has Regd. Office at New Delhi and working office at Noida.

Today, QGE is one of the leading ISO Consultants in the country. It provides TOTAL solution to your ISO requirements.


“QGE is committed to provide result oriented and cost effective consultancy in the field of ISO Certification & Training with emphasis on continuous improvement leading to business excellence. Through our active involvement in small scale, medium & large organizations, we are constantly striving to be a leader in the field of ISO activities"


“Our mission is to provide necessary inputs to the organizations for them to achieve their Quality Goals for corporate success. We assist organizations, initialize skills and implement company-wide Quality initiatives"


It is the people only, who improve Quality in the organization. We ensure the development of people at all levels during our assignment. QGE assists companies in realizing their goals and prepare them to be leaders in the long run. Our programmers aims at marked behavioral and attitudinal changes (mind-set) of the workers & management and imparting skills for transforming individual & organizational vision, mission and goals into achievements.


QGE take you to the whole journey of ISO Certification without any hassle and at each stage suggest improvements, which are practical and cost effective in all functional areas. Our consultants have wide experience in almost all the functional areas of the organization in the leading public and private sectors. Particularly in ISO related assignments, they have held the positions of Quality Heads and Management Representatives. Our consultants / faculty is highly qualified and drawn from panel of experts who are authorities in their field. WE ARE THE BEST